Monday, November 19, 2007

Video sites woo advertisers with TV-like programming

The New York Times
Many top, online video sites and social networks are adding full-length shows to their typical roster of short clips, as a way to draw major marketers away from traditional TV advertising.

Entertainment is content, you don't sell content you sell product
Be very careful about the entertainment category. Various parties (left deliberately nameless) will try and claim the results they see from the media content category is fantastic, whimsical, unbelievable (eg marketing Wedding Crashers online, which they have now taken down). I don't deny the results, but when you try to place an advertiser in a different category, in the same space, it does not compare.
By other categories I mean- Finance, travel, consumer packaged goods, etc. You name it, media content and any other category does not compare.
So even though the article isn't really about that, be careful. Media content will work well in these spaces because the user is already there, they are being entertained.

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