Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The latest in the Facebook rumour mill: FB buying a network in China

London Times
The hot rumor this week is that Facebook is planning on acquiring its way into the expanding Chinese social networking market by buying Zhanzuo.com. The Web startup, which runs on massive funding provided by Silicon Valley investors and most recently, Microsoft, is reported to have tabled an $85 million offer for the Chinese social network, according to British paper The Guardian.

However, any deal has been refuted. "No offer has been made and no acquisition in China is being considered by Facebook," its director of Communications told TechCrunch "And I don't know who the spokeperson is that they are referring to in the story. The Times never contacted me or my team to confirm the accuracy of this story."

Well someone has to mention Facebook at least once a week
...and it turns out in every conversation too.
It isn't a bad idea and if it does go ahead, it gives FB access to a massive growing market. They should just go out and buy it.

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