Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Apparently Gen Y thinks email is dead

Tech savvy teens reared on a diet of social networking and SMS believe email is boring and its role is fast coming redundant.

More sensationalised crap
Oh my.
Considering this article is written by Ninemsn, with quotes from people from Ninemsn and having met the quotee, I know this whole article is useless.
It's one thing to interview youth in university who don't need email to communicate with their friends, but what about the future??!
Once these kids hit the workforce, email is back on deck! I don't see office email going in to decline. It's a great communication platform.
On the social network increase, they are already making their mark in the office, via network capabilities but, I don't see it overtaking email. Unless corporations begin to have their own hub with email included, then maybe. Otherwise, no. How do you get on email subscriptions, or e-newsletters???
Ninemsn, don't jump on the sensational bandwagon. It does not become you, and once again you only give a portion of the facts.

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Joseph Jaffe said...

It's always hard to separate insight from self-serving agendas. I guess the source taints the impact of this sea change behavior.

I definitely agree with you that e-mail makes a return once Millenials enter the workplace, but I wonder how long it will be before there are materials changes or disconnects between how older people communicate with young within the corporation.

I've seen our own clients communicate with me via Facebook instead of e-mail. So things are changing (unless of course more and more companies block Facebook via Firewalls which is probably more likely than not)