Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome back from a great holiday

That was a great 4 days. More countries should have a 4 day holiday.

So, what happened whilst I was away:

Universal's Lawsuit Against MySpace Results In Mashup Site Being KO'd
by Wendy Davis
Universal Media Group's copyright infringement lawsuit against MySpace appears to have caused some collateral damage: A new Nine Inch Nails site where fans could have posted mashups they made using the group's music has been nixed. Universal pulled the plug on the site at the last minute due to fear that users would post clips that violated other musicians' copyrights.

What a shame.
This sounds like it would have been nice. Why can't everyone live in peace and harmony. Don't the artists and the record companies realise this is a trade off?? In a way they are forfeiting their royalties in exchange for free publicity/air time??
Times, they are a changing. Get with the program.

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