Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bravo shouts they see in 4D

Bravo Pushes Shows With 4D Model
by Wayne Friedman
Hollywood, Calif. -- Cable TV-based company Bravo Media says its marketing efforts go beyond being a "360 degree" media company. Bravo breaks its 4D model into four areas: attention, interaction, experience and sharing.

I'm sorry? Excuse me?
What are you talking about?? I thought only birds could see in 4D??
Sounds like Bravo came up with some dumb buzz phrase to get clients excited.
I think this is my favourite part: "The segment was sponsored by Saturn, and featured Gunn driving to the Cloisters in a new Saturn model."
Anything new here?? Umm, no.
I mean I do like the shows. I loved Top Chef but don't patronise me with ad techniques and sponsorship that we're seeing everywhere.
At least you're offering it. Good one.

Another sweet song. I think is this my new shtick. I need to embed a music player thing.

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