Thursday, November 15, 2007

Future of video, UGC and the head of the tail

Online Video Will Give Rise To New Semi-Professional Class
by Erik Sass
Hollywood, Calif. -- Will the future of online video be dominated by user-generated or professionally produced content? The answer is "yes," according to a panel of execs talking about performance metrics during the OMMA Video conference in Hollywood on Wednesday. They issued this prediction when asked how online video can accumulate enough inventory to compete with network television.

What, no celebrity?
I don't think the premium content of Movies, TV etc, will ever be diluted into this mass offering of everything. It will always stand out. Can you imagine a world, specifically an America, with no celebrity??
This community craves it. I feel like they need it and there is definitely no decline in the uptake of celeb gossip.
There will be that mid level content, but that kind that lasts for its 15 seconds.
Celebrities and everything they do will continue to flourish...there always has to be an elitist. Someone to be jealous of.

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