Thursday, November 15, 2007

Digi-tal to become primary media

Study: Ad agencies to take biggest hit from digital shift
Ad agencies are likely to feel a greater impact from the digital shift than broadcasters and cable operators, according to a survey of 70 industry leaders by Accenture. The survey showed that half of these industry leaders predict that digital will be the leading content and advertising medium within the next five years.

Great study, but don't get confused
Talk about BS:
"according to Charlie Symmons, senior manager in Accenture's media and entertainment practice. "It used to be content was king; now it's very much context is king," he said."

Context?! Content?! At least I can tick off one person saying something is King for today. Charlie, if you're content is crap, people aren't going to care. They will turn off! Finding where your audience is, that's great but, content is equally as important as context. Although there was that study saying that behaviourally targeted ads OUTPERFORMED contextual ads. I.e. as long as people are interested in something they don't care where it turns up.

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