Monday, November 12, 2007

Don't fall under the social network spell

Some marketers opting for social nets instead of microsites
Reflecting the growing popularity of social networking, especially among younger users, some marketers are launching pages on Facebook in lieu of creating dedicated campaign microsites. Sprite, for example, recently rolled out an animated character called Sprite Sips within Facebook's brand pages, where visitors can view videos and listen to music.

Time to use the holywater and the garlic
The spell of the social network gets greater.
A couple of things I'm finding:
  • Social networks are great platforms for marketing an entertainment/content brand. Because, you get to sample the content there and then, so it works
  • Applications and user groups tend to have a limited lifespan. Users add an application, they participate for a bit and then they discard. If you want to create an application, you need to keep it fresh
  • Driving usage to these applications isn't easy. You need an in and that might be from the real world.

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