Monday, November 12, 2007

Apple's iPhone Lands in U.K., Germany

Will a More Sophisticated Wireless Audience Embrace It?
The iPhone launched in its first two foreign markets, the U.K. and Germany, on Nov. 9. Germany was the first to offer sale figures, with a statement from Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile saying that more than 10,000 phones were sold the first day. But will Europeans, used to receiving free high-end phones on better networks, embrace the iPhone as their American counterparts did?

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Apple in the US works well because the mobile phone system is so regimented, that another regimented system makes no real difference.
When we look at other countries' mobile capabilities, telcos are providing valuable, economical services to their customers. Apple coming in with such a restricted offering may not really affect any mobile users, except for those with a pre-existing affinity for the Apple brand.
Considering the realists out there, they are probably also awaiting the next iteration of a Nokia or an Ericsson, or some other fantastic mobile technology developer. They also know it will be better than the service they'll get from Apple/02/T-Mobile and probably cheaper.

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