Monday, November 12, 2007

OMG. Please. Get serious.

How the Ad World's Dealing With the Decline of the :30
Production Houses and Agencies Are Forced to Slash Costs and Find Unique Ways to Leverage Online Video
NEW YORK ( -- As marketers continue to embrace unmeasured media and funnel fewer dollars toward TV-production budgets, 2007 will go down as the year the 30-second spot's health took a noticeable downturn. Faced with ever-more-powerful procurement departments, clients clamoring for return on investment and a general consumer movement toward interactive ad environments, agencies can no longer cavalierly bill multimillion-dollar commercial extravaganzas to clients as in years' past.

Snap out of it. Get to reality. The 30 second spot has one foot in the grave
Marketers are sh*t-scared. There is no doubt about it.
Agencies are even more frightened of what's happening. Not to mention lost.
Agencies are scared because they're meant to know what to advise, what medium to use, and they don't. Agencies are so trapped in thinking how they thought, they haven't switched into the new ways of marketing. A square peg, round hole analogy.

In this article, all the agency peeps want to keep this concept of the 30 second alive in the volumes that 30 seconds are trending towards. Networks also have the monetary need to keep it alive. However, the 30 second is going to become a rare component of an ad campaign. I actually think that TV spots will become less frequent with higher premiums.
Look at where the consumer is going- they are shifting away from ads. Without the eyeballs, the ad is useless and ultimately, if an ad is that good, consumers seem to let the viral component into their lives. This is a good thing - ad spend becomes $0 and we focus more of our time on new things and get time away from the office perfecting our top spin.

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