Monday, November 12, 2007

Maurice don't have a conniption, you're right!

Publicis' Levy Blasts Facebook Deal, Warns Ad Dollars Don't Support Online Investments
by Joe Mandese
Calling Microsoft's $240 million investment in Facebook "insane," and asserting that that there is not enough advertising budgets to support the rapid expansion of online advertising services, Publicis Chairman-CEO Maurice Levy warned that the industry was approaching the kind of hyper inflated economics that led to the so-called dot-com crash in 2000-01. In an address at this weekend's Monaco Media Forum Levy cautioned that the rapid run-up in the valuation of ad-supported online services may turn out to be fool's gold.

Stay away from Facebook
The recent changes in Facebook have damaged my experience. I don't want to see these ads, I don't want to see what friends of friends are doing whom I don't even know.
I have 24 'people' in Facebook purgatory who I neither want to add nor reject. I don't really know them, or I don't want them knowing what I'm up to, OR they're just people who have phased out of my life and they have no need to re-enter. Staying in purgatory means they're stuck there and can't venture further than that point into my virtual life.

Facebook is about narrowing in. It's about focusing in on those you interact with and creating heightened, richer relationships. In a way Facebook was a sanctuary, with occasional annoyance (yes, Zombies, it's time you died) and Facebook showed the way of the future - to create wholly integrated experiences which add value.
Advertising doesn't need to be about 'advertising' as we know it. It can be about creating some vehicle, some offering, anything that isn't some banner ad and some 'voice' yelling at you to buy something.
Advertising today is about integrated experiences and interactions that add value (whether information, entertainment based etc) to somebody's life. So all the media providers out there, creating a platform which offers an integration/sponsorship of takeovers with banners, it won't work. These type of strategies don't speak to our new consumers and frankly, there isn't much point going there.

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