Monday, November 26, 2007

EU Examines Behavioral Targeting, Privacy

by Wendy Davis
As online advertising comes under greater scrutiny in the United States, European authorities reportedly are also preparing to take a closer look at whether some marketing techniques violate privacy. The Article 29 Working Party, an arm of the European Union that regulates protection of consumer data, is about to begin an investigation of behavioral targeting--the practice of sending ads to people based on their Web-surfing history--according to a Reuters report.

Excellent: Controversy
Behavioural targeting is a touchy subject. Facebook is under immense pressure and about to tumble if they don't do something about their beacons.
I see no problem with behavioural targeting in other areas. It helps to serve better ads, meet a person's needs better.
Although, currently I'm struggling with the whole idea of banner ads. When is an ad actually useful? In the 3 weeks leading up to a specific purchase when consumers are doing research on the product and you can track it? Should targeted ads only involve purchase? What about special interest categories?
We're seeing more and more advertising turn into interest based programs, or nothing involved with actual purchase. So what do you do there? Behavioural targeting will only help so much

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