Monday, November 26, 2007

Facebook "friends" ABC News for channel on U.S. politics

New York Times
Facebook has teamed with ABC News on a "U.S. Politics" channel, through which users can interact with reporters, screen news segments and join discussions about the country's political situation. The arrangement, which is the social networker's first collaboration with a news organization, also includes the joint sponsorship of Democratic and Republican presidential debates on Jan. 5 in New Hampshire.

Nice networkin' Facebook
This is fun. Bringing power back to the people. It's nice to get the kids involved, give them a voice. Although I once tried tagging myself in my local member's pictures. He wouldn't let me and kept deleting me. I also tried giving him a present, it was a bit risque, and he also deleted that! I wasted my one free gift on that guy and look at the selfishness. What about having fun with the people Malcolm? You've got your millions and you're on your way to become Prime Minister. What's the harm in a little fun. That strip club story definitely helped Kevin Rudd's career. He won the election.
...He is going to sever ties with the monarchy, I didn't know that. You know how expensive it will be to change all the money over. There's going to be a new flag too. What a headache.
But Malcolm...Lighten up man!

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