Monday, November 26, 2007

Dove Viral Draws Heat From Critics

Bloggers, Others: How Can Marketer of Axe Attack the Beauty Industry's Ad Values?
Dove's viral video attack on beauty advertising has produced a surprisingly strong and enduring blowback against Unilever from activists, newspaper op-ed writers, bloggers and videographers who see it as hypocritical coming from the same company that markets Axe.

Seriously. People are whacked. They waste their time fighting over corporate marketing ethics??
Over the years, Unilever went out and acquired hundreds of different brands in an effort to build their company. A lot of those brands even compete with each other (Sunsilk and Dove as mentioned in the article). And why do they compete? Because each of the different brands speak to different audiences.

In any case what's wrong with having an opinion? Unilever is like a family and each individual product has it's own voice. They don't exist to make whiners happy, they're here to sell product.

And did I mention these people are crying over an ad campaign! Ads! Ads that actually cause people to think and challenge the status quo. If you're wise enough to discern between a conglomerate's different brands, you're wise enough to know when a joke is a joke.

Get over it people.

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