Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exclusive iPhone Model Hits EU Roadblocks

The New York Times
Apple's plan to bring the iPhone to market in Europe using the same exclusive carrier model it deploys in the U.S. has already hit a few roadblocks--although that might not necessarily be a bad thing for Apple. It's far worse for Apple's carrier partners, which earn the bulk of their iPhone revenues from sales of mobile phone subscriptions. Last month, French law prohibited Apple from selling its iPhone through an exclusive agreement with Orange. The company is now being forced to sell so-called "unlocked" iPhones so that users of any mobile carrier can purchase the phone.

Only in the US

That's right. The US cell phone market makes a joke out of their consumers. They lock them into contracts, outrageous rates, on deck internet usage. There is no user freedom. Don't the networks get that? If people have more freedom, they are happier and spend more.
In Germany I predict that more iPhones will be sold because the users have more freedom to choose their network and their plan. If I'm wrong, I'll eat those boots below.

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