Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jargon 2.0

by Mark Walsh
Talk the talk with the latest lingo.
Bitcoms: Branded comedy clips developed by Turner Broadcasting to retain viewer attention going into a commercial break. As a break starts, for example, a stand-up comedian delivers a small set leading into the ads.
Blego: The blogging self (blog + ego). "Increasingly used to describe the out-of-control egos of many bloggers," according to Influential Marketing Blog. It refers to the tendency of some bloggers to be judgmental, narrow-minded and arrogant.

Oh- I know some of these tools
Judgmental - Tick, but I'm meant to have an opinion, that's my job!
Narrow minded - Tick, I hate banner ads and there is nothing that will change my mind.
Arrogant -Tick! It's part of the territory. Except, I'm also funny so it doesn't count.

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