Thursday, November 8, 2007

Marketers are beginning to catch on

It's Not About New Media, It's About New Marketing
A Brand Is No Longer 'Ownable'
NEW YORK ( -- To Nick Brien, worldwide CEO of Universal McCann, the notion of new media is almost irrelevant. "When clients say, 'Talk to me about new media,' I say, 'No I am not going to talk to you about new media, I am going to talk to you about new marketing,'" he said.

I dance to the beat of this drum
This is something I've been saying for a while. Ad budgets need to dedicate funds beyond traditional ad buys. Consumers are willing to be engaged and wooed by brands, if and only if the brand offers some value in return for the consumer's time. We're noticing consumers actually embrace the attention.
If we use our funds to specifically target audiences, with minimal wastage, we can then focus efforts on allowing our campaigns to activate in the real world. In turn, causing more WOM and shake up in the virtual.
Begin to realise that real and virtual worlds need to interact together to ensure campaign success.

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