Monday, November 5, 2007

Move over Hulu, the Google Phone hits the press

It's D-Day For Google's GPhone
by Laurie Petersen
In the wake of mounting pre-launch news coverage, Google is expected to go public with its Google Phone plans this morning.
NY Times article

We still have to wait 8 months!
Hype, pure hype.
There is still so long to go on this.
Now marketers are going to get into a flurry "what are we going to do on the Google phone" and we don't even understand how it will affect anyone. Nor do we know how it will actually work, the cost price or whether it's actually worth it (well not now, but it will be).
Companies just do this to make agency life hell!

In the meantime, Yahoo has some deal with Rogers in Canada. Who knew?

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