Friday, November 9, 2007

The problems with the new facebook

Well, the cracks are starting to show. The "announcement" was made on the 6th, it's now the 9th. It didn't take too long.

Report: Facebook Ads Break NY Law
Well it turns out that Facebook breaks some privacy laws in New York. Awesome!
The New York Times' Saul Hansell pointed out that "The statute says that “any person whose name, portrait, picture, or voice is used within this state for advertising purposes or for the purposes of trade without the written consent first obtained” can sue for damages. Moreover, such a use is also a criminal misdemeanor."

But another storm in a tea cup. All facebook has to do is change some words in their online consent forms and they're all set.

Facebook users are potentially a bunch of losers!
Ha ha. Love this.
In another New York times article, Laura Holson alludes to that fine line between dorkdom and coolness whilst discussing the damage to trust that the new Facebook ad network will have.

If there is some loser on Facebook who has more friends then they can handle, let's say over 500, they are not offering a friendship of substance. I sincerely believe you cannot have 500 friends. 500 acquaintances maybe, but not friends.
Those with more friends actually lessen the value of these relationships. They aren't of quality, but that good old value of quantity.

And on the cool V dork debate- well it's similar to Gladwell's Tipping Point Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. If you are a salesman, and respected as an 'expert' in a particular field by your friends, then your recommendations will have clout.
But if you are some dork, from beauty and the geek, recommending the latest beauty regimen, no one is going to be interested.

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