Monday, November 5, 2007

Verizon cozies up to Google

Verizon: If This Is Anything Like the IPhone, We Want In
Wireless Giant Puts Aside Feud With Google for a Chance to Use Its Mobile Operating System
NEW YORK ( -- Shifting business models make for strange bedfellows -- and nowhere is that so clear as Google's potential linkup with Verizon, which is said to be negotiating with the search giant to carry phones equipped with Google's mobile operating system.

When will the mobile carriers learn??
Mobile carriers are stuck in the past. They think their stranglehold on the market is infallible. Our world is changing at an incredible pace. Just think 10 years ago, there was no Google.
New technologies being developed, are not far away. The onset of VoIP, faster internet speeds and the ability to bypass the traditional means of telecommunication are on the horizon.

Phone companies are on the precipice of where record companies were. They can change with the consumer and be a more customer friendly service and product. Or, they can fall behind and begin to go into decline.
As soon as one company enters the market and shakes it up, it's all over!

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