Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hulu has worked shizz out, what about Nielsen?

NBCU's Web Video Portal 'Hulu' Impresses Critics
by Mark Walsh
Six weeks after rolling out a preliminary version of NBC Universal's Web video portal, company President and CEO Jeff Zucker described the response to Hulu so far as "fantastic." Speaking at the UBS 35th Annual Global Media and Communications conference on Monday, Zucker said online critics who had initially mocked Hulu as "Clown Co." had been forced to eat crow after being impressed with the site's user-friendliness and picture quality following its beta launch in October.

Screw this
This article was completely boring until I read the last paragraph, the most important:
"But a big hurdle to reaping benefits from the converging digital landscape is the lack of comparable measurement across different media platforms. Zucker blamed Nielsen in part for failing so far to devise a mechanism "to adequately and accurately measure" media consumption across platforms from VCRs to the Internet. For the amount NBC pays Nielsen, "we feel we should get better service," he said."

Mark Walsh, what is wrong with you? We all know Hulu works, you had the chance to give a proper Nielsen bashing and you wasted it! Shame on you.

Nielsen has some massive problems. Measurement is only based on a small proportion of users, not the whole population. Accuracy can not be counted upon. Ratings in my opinion don't count for much.

With the onset of Digital capabilities and the new fantastic people metre kicks in we should be able to see accurate usage data for entire populations. It's all coming, it's only a matter of time. I see a lot of talk from Nielsen and not a lot of doing.

So come on Nielsen, Walsh, step up to the plate and show me what you've got.

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