Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sorrell's turn at the chopping block

Joe Mandese: WPP's Sorrell Hails Dell As New Agency Model, Acknowledges Fear Of Google's Mobile Plans
Shifts in media technology - and the way advertisers and agencies apply it - a reordering in the dominance of global markets, and the volatility of the economy, are all chief issues for the advertising industry, but the No. 1 problem facing Madison Avenue and its clients is "internal communications," Martin Sorrell, chairman-CEO of WPP Group, the largest buyer of media worldwide said Wednesday during a presentation at the UBS media conference in New York.

Oh, Sir Sorrell.... why did you open your big mouth??
I'm reading this article, trying to find something to take a stab at, but Sorrell just talks in circles. There is nothing concrete he actually says. And it's nice talking about the shoulds/woulds/coulds, however it's better to see a little action.

It's also great that he instilled fear in agencies by saying "companies like Google, eBay and Yahoo represent real potential for "disintermediating" traditional advertising agencies." ...Umm, clients will still need to manage all their different relationships with publishers. I wouldn't recommend having an ad campaign within one portal.

At least one thing is certain; Sorrell is trapped in the past. Thinking that Google is an enemy?? They are the purveyors of change. Sorrell is stuck in a world where corporations were king. I did think Sorrell is smarter than that. If you want to do well in the world today, you have to get in line with the Consumers way of doing things.

Whilst were on the topic of you, Sorrell, don't you think it's time you changed your Wire and Plastics Products "WPP" to another name??? It really grinds my gears that you have nothing to do with producing plastic anymore.

And watch this one in your own time

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