Friday, December 14, 2007

Sprint offers free web

by Mark Walsh: Sprint First To Provide Free MySpace Mobile Link For Subscribers
Sprint will be the first wireless operator to allow subscribers to link directly to the MySpace Mobile Web site at no extra cost. Starting early next year, users will be able to click a MySpace link on the Sprint portal instead of typing in a URL address to access the social networking site.The partnership follows the September beta launch of the free, ad-supported version of MySpace Mobile.

Well, I wasn't predicting this development...
Well, not for a while yet. I guess the marketers are finally starting to move forward with the people. It will be an interesting trial and a large proportion of the Sprint audience must be using mySpace for them to sign off on this.
This is a great indication on my hopes for pricing plans of the future.
Maybe, just maybe, this might really be the year for mobile!

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