Monday, December 17, 2007

Top 10 ass!

I've just read a barrage of articles for the top 10 trends for, it seems, the past, now and the rest of the future because all this crap can't be for 2008.

The first one was written by Bob Liodice, the one and only CEO of the ANA!!!! Well here I was thinking he was some mid level journalist given the unfortunate task of writing this article. He seems to have thrown the same crap around that everyone has been throwing around for the last 2 years.
  • Marketers hit a rough patch
    This is a trend? This is old news.
  • Innovation and creativity rule
    We work in advertising. When has creativity not been a part of the equation. Where's the creative department?
  • Digital Digital Digital
    What planet are you from????? Did you miss the boat?
  • Emergence of the Renaissance Marketer
    Well he got one thing right. I fit that. It's like I read my own horoscope!
  • The power of Strategic alignment
    Ahh, the 'if only' in an ideal world. He suggests alignment across all media channels. I've been trying to get this accomplished for a while. Do you know how hard it is to get media providers to cooperate with one another?? The other problem is buyers deal with sales reps on too low a level and the reps just don't get it. All the reps focus on is making budget, they don't give a shit about strategy. And even if you do get that far in negotiation, once it's done the next battle is getting the client to finally let go of the ledge and take a leap.
This guy sounds like a dinosaur! I'm sick of these advertising types who have been entrenched in the industry for so long and "they know because they've been it for so long". But, bub, the industry has changed. This isn't that old playing field any more. Consumers are smarter than you are. These 'trends' are old news...

Then some doof, Richard Laermer, whacks his article together. He has apparently written two books (one on trends!!), and is CEO RLM PR. I don't even know what all those letters mean next to each other! They just look like a mess.
  • Geeks are out
    Straight off the bat, this guy walks right into my danger zone. He quotes some study saying that "when asked, "Who were you in high school?" 40% said nerds. The other 60% are That Guy". Dude...did you go to high school?? Not everyone can be the popular guy. What he failed to mention was that this study was done online and high school kids, if given the chance will say they are cool. Who would honestly admit to saying that they're of the geek population?!!
  • And the rest
    I can't be bothered, it's all crap really.
On a better note....
And I watched a silly but fun movie last night- "Man of the Year". I love Robin Williams, he is a top kind of funny. The most brilliant line sequence in that movie:
Walken: And I thought AC Nielsen ratings were the biggest bunch of bullshit
Williams: I'd always wonder when they say JAG got the biggest ratings last night, you'd never hear anyone saying the next day "Did you see what happened on JAG last night??!"

This requires no explanation....

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