Monday, January 28, 2008

Facebook Data Available To Third Party Sites

Facebook is extending its influence across the Web in a big way, by today allowing developers to create third-party programs outside of Facebook that tap into the company's social data pool. Apps developed using Facebook's API can now access the social network's features and its so-called "social graph" of user information from outside the site.

Holy hell FB! What are you doing???
This freaks me the most:
"Facebook has now implemented the ability to leverage cookies to access a user’s data even when they are not at your application"
Has the FB not learned anything? Or are they just trying their best at whoring themselves again to get into the press?
Maybe FB just wants to keep trying different crazy things and then the thing that they actually want is so minor it will just get through.

I don't care. This sounds very creepy. I'd like to migrate, but all my Luddite friends are on FB so I'm forced to stick with it.

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