Monday, January 28, 2008

Driven to be fat

SMH: Residents of fattest areas within NSW, Australia, blame lack of public transport for obesity.

I think the fat has gone to your brain!!
I have never heard of anything so ridiculous!
The public transport around here is really inadequate … we've had so many new freeways and motorways built out here that is just so easy to drive everywhere," Rebecca Stephenson, a long-time Hawkesbury resident, said.
Rebecca, fatty, you can't go around blaming highways for your fatness quotient.The fact that you have a car doesn't detract that you choose not to walk 200 metres down the road to get public transport!!

I'm sure you're wondering how my rant relates to advertising. Well, the complaints and the ridiculous scapegoating on innocent parties, or even the inanimate object, is rampant in the industry. If a fat person can blame her fatness on a road, ad people shouldn't blame their lack of sales on bad TV, the internet or anything else seemingly blameable.
If a campaign and strategy takes into account new trends and behaviours, there is no reason why the campaign shouldn't succeed.

So just like Rebecca should stop eating 17 hamburgers a day, ad people should stop putting their efforts in to the same old crap.

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