Monday, January 21, 2008

Athletes' New Game: Their Own Web Ads

Adam Thompson WSJ: Low-Budget spots put stars in control of their marketing
Two NBA athletes, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns and Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors are self-promoting. In an effort to win votes for the NBA All-Star Game, Bosh wrote and shot his own Web commercial in which he takes on the persona of a used-salesman to get fans to vote for him. The commercial, which he created with his girlfriend and his brother, has gained more than 376,000 views on YouTube.

Great, all we need - More ads!
Thank you celebrities. You don't already flood my world through places you shouldn't be in (ie the News). But now you decide to get your hot little hands on a camera and have a little foray in the self-promotion advertising arena.
The freedom of the internet is great, and let me massage your inflated ego too, you're great. But the internet can be so much more. Step up to the plate and don't be so second rate.

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