Monday, January 21, 2008

Ad spending will double, but what consumer cares?

Mark Walsh : Internet Ads Will More Than Double By 2011
Yankee Group forecasts that Internet advertising will more than double to $50.3 billion in 2011 from $21.7 billion last year, driven by technology investments that will boost online ad performance. While the size of the U.S. Internet audience will level off in the next few years, ad dollars have yet to catch up with the growth in online media consumption.

Good one Yankee Group, but it doesn't mean much when ads don't work!
It's great marketers are spending more online, following the wave of people and such. However, if we're placing most of the emphasis on banner ads, really, who gives a crap?? Consumers certainly don't and most marketers don't understand the other options out there.

What about spending more money online to create programs and benefits that consumers can tack on to the products they are already buying? Keep them loyal and such. Forget the 'new ad platforms', it's just the same shit, different smell.

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