Friday, January 11, 2008

It's a blog-out

I'm lagging. Too much work, too much stuff to do. Here's a round up of what' s keeping me interested at the mo...

Joe Mandese: French Plan Likely To Reduce Supply Of TV Ad Time, Accelerate The Internet
The French media marketplace is bracing for a government plan to take advertising off the nation's state-owned TV channels, a move that is expected to erode TV's share of ad spending and accelerate the Internet's in a market that is the home of two of the ad industry's biggest agency holding companies.
Sweet! Go Frenchies
Who gives a crap about ad agencies! It's all about the consumer. I love how Europe knows this. Was it Germany that banned the iPhone alignment to one phone service provider?
I doubt anyone else outside of the Europe will go ahead with this one. They care too much about money and cash.

Tameka Kee: WatchMouse: Facebook is Worst-Performing Social Networking Site
Facebook earned the title of worst-performing social networking site in terms of user perception of speed and availability. MySpace scored a 923 and "loaded well and recorded few errors," but Twitter and Windows Live Spaces fared worse--with SPIs of 1476 and 1386, respectively
The whore makes it into the news again with nothing relevant at all.
Who the hell cares? What is this retarded score? How many errors does Windows have? People still use it.
Just another reason for Facebook to get into the press again for the 1,097th time this week.

Mark Walsh: Study: Mobile Subscribers Taking Note Of Ads
One in three U.S. mobile subscribers, or 78 million people, saw or listened to an ad on their cell phone during the last three months, according to a study by mobile entertainment company Limbo in partnership with Britain-based market research firm GfK NOP Research
Mmm, people are seeing and listening, but not acting!
That's right, people are noticing the ads just like TV. Just like the internet, just like Print. It doesn't mean they are going to do anything about it. That's because traditional advertising is largely ineffective.
It is great that people know where a brand advertised, but if it doesn't lead to purchase the whole campaign is a waste.
Furthermore, this data won't help in solving this huge mobile advertising issue that everyone is so keen on solving. Stop talking about how to solve mobile. That's not the right question in the first place. Kevin Federline Finally Finds Some Success
Britney's Ex Beats Out Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow for Most-Talked-About Super Bowl Ad-- Like chips and seven-layer dip, celebrity ads have become a Super Bowl staple. But marketers need more than a famous face to resonate with viewers -- they need buzz, according to new market research from Cymfony, a division of TNS Media Intelligence.
How is it, that of all people, K-Fed outgrew the shame and humiliation and came out on top?
This is a lesson for us all. If you go through a bad patch, come out the aftermath, then lay low.
Very low.
Then when things are starting to quiet down, don't take yourself too seriously. Poke a bit of fun at yourself.
This is where Britney went wrong. She started poking fun at herself (eg shaving her head, exposing her privates, etc), but she was still in the grieving period. As a result it just came out as depressed and insane.
K-Fed has done his grieving, his retrospection. He has emerged victorious.
I never thought I would say this, but I applaud you KFed.

Joe Mandese: Nielsen Gets Passive Aggressive: Asks Stations To Be More Active, Take Responsibility For Coding Snafus
Following a series of unusual and surprising glitches in its highly redundant and supposedly fool-proof television coding system, Nielsen Media Research Wednesday sent letters to U.S. TV stations asking for help to ensure there are no more snafus.
Neilsen?! What the hell is wrong with you? How do you even sell product??
Ratings aren't accurate in any case there are further inaccuracies with the system? You sell this dodgy data that is only a small proportion of the population and try to tell us it's a true reflection of the overall population. THEN you have errors in the tracking system so the data is even more defunct than it was before.......
Why are you still in business? Why do agencies keep paying you? I just don't get it.

And Coors are totally ripping off Doritos at the Superbowl. This comment indicates you should not get away with it.

I was trying to find that song "Freak out" but this turned up...much better!
What freaks!! Just like Nielsen and Coors.

The real song is here

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