Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RIP radio?

SMH: Podcasting has changed the way we listen to the trannie and may even replace it, writes Andrew Bock.

10% of the population and you think that's mainstream??
What in the world is with news providers sensationalising stories?
In 3 countries I have recently been to, Canada (Good old Nova Scotia), USA (New York) and Australia (Sydney), the media (CBC, Channel 1 News and Channel 9 respectively) latches on to anything they can twist and manipulate into absolute sensationalised, irrational crap!
I'm not getting into it here, but this podcasting story has some elements of good to it, but it's mostly evil.
850,000 monthly downloads is a pretty good figure, 2 million is even better in a country of 20 million. I still think it's a long way off from killing radio.
What about all those talk radio stars? All the people who stay at home listening so that they can call up and talk to someone and complain about something which is a real non issue in real time?
Podcasts take away the live element and create a whole lot of DRM problems.
To say that podcasts will kill radio is silly. There is clearly a place for both.
And most definitely a place for someone to pen a one hit wonder "podcasting killed the video/radio star"

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