Thursday, March 13, 2008

Facebook Exec: Beacon Will Expand

Adweek: Facebook still sees ad system as Beacon for future growth Facebook's Beacon ad system will expand as users become more open to sharing information with their Facebook friends about their online activities that take place off the social network, according to outgoing chief revenue officer Owen Van Natta.

Ummm, you aren't pulling my leg
Beacon is and was shit.
Owen Van Natta, I'm glad you're leaving Facebook, because you have no idea, NONE:

What's more, Van Natta, who is leaving the company, said the uproar over Beacon was not really from users-
"It was really the press and people concerned about privacy" he said.

To even say that just shows how arrogant you really are AND how out of touch you are with your Facebook audience.

And yes Owen, often the press inflates issues to make them seem more dramatic and newsworthy, but in this instance they were actually reporting the truth.
I'd like to point you to a case with Blockbuster back in the late 80s. They also chose to publicise member information and were fined for their actions. I would think the precedent indicates Facebook erring on the wrong side of the law.

They seem to have not learned from their mistakes. You just don't know how to listen.


Anonymous said...

So how do you defend Google's contextualizing of adwords through gmail? Wouldn't that qualify as similar in its invasiveness?

Wisey said...

AdWords through gmail?!! Are you fucked in the head anonymous?
My friends don't get AdWords telling them what crap I've bought or what websites I've been to...

Owen doesn't know how to listen and you don't know how to use your brain!

Wisey said...

Oh- and don't be a coward, anonymity is for pussies.