Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nielsen hits me up for a hustle

Slow news day, they must have known. Right on!
So the Nielsen folks called me up to do a survey.
Straight away I asked them if I get mula for my time.
I get $10 for 40 minutes!! That's it! That's all!
I don't think that's my going rate.

But the idiots are sending me the money without having completed the online survey.
(and I just went to the survey and the link doesn't even work! An easy way to make $10, now we're talking my going rate)

I can't wait for the next stage of this saga. I'm getting a huge package of something in the mail....I wonder what bullshay will be in there


Studio Maven said...

Money for nothing means you are well on your way to becoming a creative director. Please don't give way to the dark side. We don't have enough soldiers on the ground as it is.

Wisey said...

They sent me a fiver and 5 ones in the mail.
Who sends CASH in the post?