Monday, March 10, 2008

Digital Buyers Lament Ad-Buying Process, Seek Guidelines

Mediaweek/Adweek: Digital ad buyers want standards
Media buyers at an industry conference lamented a lack of standards for running online campaigns, suggesting that digital media adopt an open system to facilitate buys. Group M CEO Irwin Gottlieb said, "Take any 10 media plans and there will be five different ways they define Monday to Friday. We have to come up with standardized ways of defining data."

You can't make guidelines for the shittest campaigns, eva!
Ahh, media buyers, the best job in the industry. After seeing what they do, within 5 minutes you begin to understand why they get all the free shit they do.

What on earth are they seeking guidelines for? A monkey could do the stuff they do. Plus you still need the human check at the end (been there, done that and I can honestly admit I contemplated suicide several times).

Maybe it's not about the monkey. Perhaps it would be a good idea to wake up to the fact that a 0.2% click through rate is really not worth any investment. Maybe it's better to make a campaign that actually benefits people, instead of annoying them.
Furthermore, why would an industry want to automate something that only gets a 0.2% return on investment AND that's not even sales!!!


Fucking monkeys.

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