Friday, April 4, 2008

R U ready for SMS lingo in ads?

The Wall Street Journal: Top marketers are using the mobile text-messaging lingo popular with teens and twentysomethings in ad campaigns. Unilever's Degree deodorant has a campaign focused on "OMG! Moments" while an ad for McDonald's from Leo Burnett poses the question, "r u ready?"

OMG, I'm not and don't subject me to this uncouth crap
Suzanne Vranica, what the fuck is wrong with you?? You open your article with:
"OMG, ads r kewl!"
Are you serious? Ads are shit and a waste of time.
Especially ads which enforce text message lingo. Considering 'text message lingo', means it for text messages.
And whilst were here... Americans, text messages are for informational, quick updates. They are not intended to be used for conversational purposes. Eg "how are u?", replied with "good and u"?
Pick up the phone if you need a catch up, but if you want to tell me where I'm meeting you in 10, please oblige!

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