Friday, April 4, 2008

'Influencers' Possess Less Clout

by Gavin O'Malley: [Social Networks] In the world of social media, so-called "influencers" might have less clout than some marketers think. According to a new study from Canadian research firm Pollara, self-described social media users put far more trust in friends and family online than in popular bloggers, or strangers with 10,000 MySpace "friends."

What a retarded study!
I always understood "influencers" as those who have a direct impact on an individual. The influence is enforced due to:
  • Their existing relationship
  • The individual's reliance on the influencer's opinion
  • And a group of people sharing a unified opinion, to become a voice of influence

It was never meant to be some random 'influence' due to massive blog hits.
Where's the common sense?
Blogger influence and trust, like any relationship, forms over time.
A user visits a blog once, they like it, so they return. Each and every time the relationship gets a little stronger. If the blogger says something the reader doesn't like, there would be a step back in the relationship.
But, as healthy relationships go, the reader will come to respect the blogger's opinion, whether against their own or not. Anyway, life would be boring if everyone had the same opinions and that's why comments are so handy.

No brainer.
Go spend your study money on something useful. Or next time, ask me whether the study is of any value.

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