Friday, April 4, 2008

Things I missed whilst Down Under

Being back, feels good.

I had a lovely time in Sydney. A little browner, a little wiser and feeling satiated from too much fun and more than enough alcohol!

I'm looking forward to some more advertising shenanigans and the like. So advertising idiots, please bring it on!!

Yahoo!/Reuters: Second Life founder: Virtual world safer than real one
The virtual world is taking steps to ensure its members' safety, and is probably more "policeable" than its real-world counterpart, according to Philip Rosedale, founder of virtual world Second Life, who appeared in person and as his avatar on Tuesday before a House panel. Rosedale and other virtual world experts sought to reassure the committee that terrorism and other problems of the real world would not infiltrate these alternate realities.

Second Life is a refuge to act out inappropriate 'real world' fantasies
I've heard some stories of female avatars being harassed, propositioned and a couple of rape attempts. Not cool.
I've also realised any avatar that looks like a freak of nature on the inside is just as much as freak on the outside. Those normal, are well, normal.
The terrorists attempts are funny. I think it's due to the fact that the attacks have been on advertising initiatives. Clear message on how consumers feel about that!
Don't parallel it to the rape and harassment scenarios. Those feel like sick and twisted men acting out fantasies. No one dies in the terrorist attacks.

But lucky for all of you I'm on the case. Always thinking about advertising, media and the digital space.

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George Parker said...

You all look shitfaced. Lucky sods. Hope you had a couple for me.