Friday, April 11, 2008

Social Networks Still Not Advertiser-Friendly

GigaOm: In a memo to employees about the Yahoo saga, AOL CEO Randy Falco underlines the problem facing social networks.
Falco hits the nail on the head: social nets want marketers to foot the bill for content that's specifically tailored to an experience where the user is completely disengaged from marketing messages. Falco thinks that by combining Platform A and Bebo, AOL could fix the problem.. But lumping another company into AOL's portal and then using an ad network, even a highly targeted one, to serve it ads won't solve the social networking question. Someone still needs to come up with a way to make social networks more relevant for advertisers.

So what? Advertisers aren't number one, people are
Marketers and the digital world is so caught up in assessing what's right for advertisers that they keep forgetting about what the people need or want.
We're working with 3 entities: Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer. And both the advertiser and publisher are directing all their attention towards the consumer.

I don't get why these discussions miss out the main player? Because if you don't answer their needs, you simply won't get anywhere.

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