Friday, April 11, 2008

Why automated customer service is shit

In particular, Chase.

They send you on this infinite press this, press that loop and you can't even do anything else at the same time because you have to concentrate on listening to what numbers you want.
I always aim straight for a real person, but on Chase you can't even find it until you enter your choose your own adventure package and then your account code 6,000 times.
I wonder if there is a little automated number map website to get to the customer service area that you want, quickly?

The whole loop de loop also seems to be a tactic to make people appear that they're getting somewhere, but in fact they're killing time moving in the queue. You just speak to any person on the other end, regardless of what numbers you've pressed.

To add further insult, why do Southern people not understand my Australian accent? I tried to tell the woman that I speak English, what's the problem?
The lady, she was probably a bit of a smart ass, because responded with "What, you don't understand English?" Good one lady.

For the other ones that ask for verbal responses, I completely mouth off at them.
"No bitch, get me an operator"
I believe it can be quite entertaining.

What's wrong with all these companies? Customer service is a massive component in your product deliverable. By tricking consumers into thinking it's convenient, it isn't and you piss people off. And it doesn't save the corporation money because in the end I have to go into the physical branch and waste valuable time with a banker. And believe me, I'm going to spend as much time with them as possible!

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