Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CEO Who Shared His Social Security Number In Ads Had ID Stolen

Charleston Gazette: Well, he asked for it. Literally. According to a class-action lawsuit filed in West Virginia last week, the CEO of ID theft prevention firm LifeLock-the same one who, in ubiquitous TV and print ads, displayed his Social Security number as a challenge to thieves who thought they could outwit his company's service-has had his ID stolen many, many times in the past year.
More than 20 driver's licenses have been issued in his name, and "his entire personal profile has been compromised to the extent that the birth date associated with his Social Security number is Nov. 2, 1940, which would [inaccurately] make Davis 67 years old," read the lawsuit.
The lawsuit alleges that the company is fraudulently claiming to be able to protect against crimes it cannot, as witnessed by the theft of Richard Todd Davis's identity.

Finally, the use of the word "literally" gets a rightful placement
Talk about really knowing how to screw up your business in the simplest way possible
What a retard.
I just feel more justified in my belief that anything companies declare in advertisements, is bogus. That burger you see in the commercial is never the one you would put down the hatch.
Why do they continue to purport their wares, spending millions of dollars on wasteful false advertising, when we all know the real truth?

Why do I continue to fight for this? This country is in a whirlpool of dogs chasing their own tails in categories ranging from petrol prices, environmental impact, healthcare, taxes, food prices and dvrs. It's never going to let up, it is a complete mess.

It all justifies that now is the time for the flying penis:

Video link via Sharenator.


m.m.mcdermott said...

Shame that the product was shit, because I can think of few endorsements that hit on the benefits and worth of a product more efficiently and poignantly than this one.

That said, man, what a dumb ass.

Wisey said...

yes, but what did you think of the flying penis?

m.m.mcdermott said...

I think it must have been a complicated yet entertaining circumcision.