Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Advertising as we knew it is doomed. When will people wake up??

I just filled out some survey for Harris Poll surveys.
It was for media peeps.
The questions were so wrong. They were trying to ascertain places that people were advertising in - eg mobile, online, tv blah blah; but there was no "other" option for things outside the box like custom made ad platforms. Again trying to fit an old methodology into a new dynamic.
It was very annoying. Very sad.
At the conclusion of the survey I got to see some results. This was the worst:

That 58.6% of media dinosaurs are the bane of this industry's future.
Snap out of it men! Because you are men- men in your neat little suits, with the handkerchief in the pocket and comb overs. I know you and your kind. The glory days are over. Embrace the challenges and stop ignoring reality.
And the change is definitely one with a coolness quotient. As John McCain said last night on The Daily Show - it's about reaching out to people as people. If he can embrace that as a politician, it really can't be that hard for advertisers.

oh...and thanks for the $20!


Paul Benjou said...

Deb ... It's unfortunate that not only do the media "elite" think this way but ask any of the (much) younger planners and buyers (most of whom are females) in the trenches and I'm afraid that the results would sadly be much the same.
Why? Because although in their personal lives they believe in our fast forward media movement, in their business lives they are hindered by the analog-centric marketers that are paralyzed in thier old ways for fear of losing their jobs.
There are very few technorati that think progressively the way you do.

Anonymous said...

and to think Advertising people are to be on the 'cutting edge' of everything. It boggles my mind when people who work in advertising are not following trends or proudly say things like "oh I don't read blogs" or "I'm not on facebook". Those are the people that should go work for a bank and not an advertising agency.

Wisey said...

Paul,I vomit on these idiots. They disappoint me. It saddens me further that media agencies don't realise everyone in their ranks needs to exhibit creativity.

And Jane, you know why these people say they aren't on FB and don't read blogs? It's because they're so cool that they think they're already past it...so far past it that their heads are up their own asses.

Paul Benjou said...

One more note on the Facebook naysayers .... Although I applaud the brilliant logic behind the social network phenomenon, the massive networks ala Facebook and Myspace will ultimately implode as a business. There are no business models that will sustain the dollar drain (which exceeds revenues).
We will, however, see a migration to smaller, niche social environments that will thrive outside the Facebook / MySpace boundaries.
Don't get me wrong ... they are wonderful examples of what can be accomplished with the consumer in control, but they have yet to think through any valid way for them to make an investment pay out.

veedub said...

oh great, another friggin' ad blog i have to read every day!

nice blog ms. wiseman. keep it up.