Monday, May 12, 2008

I have a favourite Facebook app...who would have thunk it?!

Yes, it's true. I love my FB.
I especially love my Burn Alter Ego on FB.
It is this really great thing from Coke. And I mean really great. They work the shizz out of this Facebook app thing.

How it works is this (let's use bullets because I feel particularly lazy this evening)
  • Burn is an energy drink from the Coca Cola
  • The Burn app is an app where you arrange to go out all night with your other burn friends or randoms if you so wish
  • The cool thing is you get to assign your outfit with your head on the body, your name (I'm debilicious) and choose your apartment decor. You can change this as often as you want. So it's your cooler than you alter ego.
  • The even cooler thing is that the more you go out, the more stuff is unlocked for you to wear and redecorate your apartment with. So you keep coming back to unlock more and more stuff. This is probably a key element of why it is so fun and why I'm not yet bored.
  • The best component is the blog and pictures from the day after your burn. The posts of what you did are always fucking crazy. I think I had some fun with a donkey one night and had a foam party in my pad another night. Another key element- being told your adventures and keeping the app fresh and appealing.
  • The strangest thing may be going out with a random burn member and then that person may want to be Facebook friends after your evening. I've had a few of those. They weren't even put into FB purgatory with the other 36. They were ignored.
So do it. Go out with me one night. It is very fun.

Check out my pad and those legs! Sic!

Kick ass foam party. I think we had to turn away Beyonce and Jay-Z


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