Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Starcom Breathes Oxygen Into Media Planning

ClickZ: Starcom Worldwide and its research and planning partner Strategic Oxygen are now using the digital channel to map engagement in cross-media campaigns.
Generally, such engagement mapping research focuses on digital media, but Strategic Oxygen builds media maps from roughly 40 online and offline media sources -- from TV to radio and RSS -- and measures how people connect those components together, says Michael Gale, Strategic Oxygen chief. "We track the way people consume complex information globally."
The purpose is to show advertisers how best to combine offline media with the online channel. "The more research and grounding we have...means we are not just looking at numbers, but understanding what's happening along the way," say Latha Sundaram, Starcom director.

Let's open with a song today, because if you're going to get it, what better way to get it than through song?

You know what Starcom, the title of the article is right. Breathing oxygen into something that's dead. Deader than a dead door nail. Deader than friendster!

The best part of the article are the nice buzz phrases which basically equate to same shit, different smell:

"Integrate or disintegrate" the need for companies to adopt new ways to speak to consumers. "Do it the way customers want it, and you're probably going to be successful,"
Nice one. I'd like to see that. I won't hold my breath

"Reverse osmosis" is the realization global leadership is not centered in the U.S. "An idea can truly generate anywhere in the world." Digital trends in particular start in Asia.
Yes, the world is not centered around the US. Actually more countries hate the US than appreciate it.

"Search is more than words" marks a need for a wider set of search marketing. "Just having the right word doesn't guarantee the right success," said Gale. "Some markets, forums, and blogs have become a secondary and interesting perspective on search, producing interactive journeys."

Yes, blogs, like this one, can be fairly intuitive.

Just don't spend too long looking at all the data, because the time it took you to discover these gems makes me worry at how long it will take you to perform a media buy.

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