Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digital shop cries foul over not receiving credit for prize-winning effort

Advertising Age: Michael Lebowitz, co-founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, is faulting the inflexible awards structure at the Cannes festival for his digital shop not being recognized for its work on BBDO, New York's, multiple prize-winning "Voyeur" campaign for HBO; he also believes BBDO could have been more generous in sharing the credit. However, BBDO creative chief David Lubars, in an e-mailed statement, said the Omnicom Group shop was "the source of the idea," and therefore is entitled to the honors.

Who cares about awards?! Self congratulatory buffoons. No thank you!
Awards have become garbage. Kind of like the Olympics. All this crazy excitement that doesn't really make sense and the only people who really have fun, are the participants.
The only drama in these ad awards are the stories of the backstabbing, who banged who, the collusion and stolen ideas.
It would make for good television, but the real 'hero', the work gets forgotten in the craziness.

So when someone cries foul, it just adds more nonchalance to an already "care factor zero" event.
I love how BBDO says that they're the source of the idea. in reality ideation is so evolutionary. An idea starts as a seed from one person and gets added and adapted to accommodate developments and improvements. With so many moving parts, it is unusual to attribute such things to one individual or even one organisation. Organisations aren't experts in all fields, they do need to consult in other areas of expertise .

And do you know at the Sydney 2000 Olympics 70,000 condoms for athletes went so fast that 20,000 more were ordered. Even these ran out before the Games ended. Now that's what I call a statistic!

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