Friday, June 27, 2008

Facebook Finally Fends Off ConnectU

New York Times, By Brad Stone: Facebook has finally closed the book on its long-running, multi-front legal battle with the rival college social network ConnectU — but not before a new question was raised about Facebook’s supposed $15 billion valuation.

Stupid Litigious country
Every American just looks for their meal ticket. I have no doubt that this thought process goes through many a person's mind:
"What minor bad thing can happen to me, that I can escalate into ridonculous proportions and make my fortune from?"
And it just makes everything affected by the cycle, so much more expensive.

Howard Winklevoss: The Connect-U founders' dad. If you looked this name up in the dictionary you would find the words money hungry, greedy, pushy and silly.

His kids actually don't look like a bunch of nerds which is surprising, and if:
- they have the brains they apparently have
- they understand Facebook as well as they do
- and know the weaknesses of the Facebook
They should have not wasted so much time with this lame case, and gone a step beyond the lame "connect-U" that no one has even seen. Instead they could have made a solution to the problem facing all social networks today- work out how to monetise it.
Then maybe, Howard Winklevoss wouldn't be known as a greedy conniving ass, but a smart man who encouraged his genii kids.

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