Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Facebook, Google not exactly friends

The Washington Post: Google's plan to allow users to access multiple social networks under a single user ID hit a snag when Facebook announced it would not let members to sign in using Google's "Friend Connect" service, owing to privacy concerns. More generally, social networks are confronting the question of whether their value is in being open or walled off from the wider Web.

That's right Facebook, pull out the 'privacy' card when it suits you!
I have some cards too, you know. I've got the flirty card when I want something quick; the play dumb card when I need to get out of a sticky situation; the bitch card when I need to be unstoppable and the no idea card when I'm lazy or don't give a rat's ass.

But Facebook, the we care about privacy card!!!! A bit risky methinks. In the article it just sounds like you're dicking Google around and making a PR hoopla. You are bloody sneaky. Not the love hearts and tweeting birds image that I had of you. I'm beginning to feel like you have some Dr. Evil Style master plan.

Facebook you should be careful though. Don't be an upstart, flash your cards early and play in the grown ups' game. You should consider getting on Google's ship. Everyone knows that they're everybody's friend and you definitely don't want to rock that boat.

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