Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If you have a low end marketing ploy, don't ask me to do it- I'll sabotage it!

For the past few weeks I've been suffering visual and mental abuse through blogger outreach emails for a product called "Social Spark". Horrid stuff. Basically getting bloggers to endorse product for cash.

I went to check it out, just to see, just to look, and it is my worst nightmare.
"Social Spark: Premium Entry - Get paid to write sponsored blog content on a per post basis, or have advertisers pay per day to sponsor your blog."

They did nearly get me for a second with their "premium entry" bit, but no, I put myself together and came back to reality, realising it's all a ploy.

I hate fake. These days it's all about realness.
In the blog space, endorsement is about endorsement because you want to endorse, not because of an incentive. It's the 'X-factor' of the product and why it appeals to you, that makes it good. You can't buy that. And why, oh why, would you want to damage the blog-o-sphere? Even if you notate that it is a sponsored entry, that only means most individuals will gloss over it.

And as if you could ever trust me to do something like this. I would completely sabotage it. I wouldn't care if I got paid either way. It's probably such a nominal amount. Worse than child labour!

How ironic that the emails go straight to my junk folder. Good work Outlook, you get a gold star.

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