Monday, June 2, 2008

'Sex/City' Poised To Become Era's 'Feel-Good' Movie

by Laurie Sullivan: Look for Americans to embrace and buy merchandise related to pre-Sept. 11 nostalgia across many product lines and services as a way to weather tough times, trend spotter Faith Popcorn says. Brand guru Robert Passikoff says the movie will cause a life in fashion sales, as did the TV show.

SATC develops cure for cancer, creates world peace and locates the ever elusive Osama bin Laden in addition to shoddy plot line.
That's what the headline should be. How did a show about 4 moronic women become such an uplifter of spirits and a world changer? How does it get so many people to open their wallets in a time of a hard hitting recession and astronomical petrol prices?
I'm flabbergasted. And actually no, I haven't seen the fil-m. I'm a little scared to sit in a cinema full of over excited women gasping and wetting themselves over ridiculous scenarios and costume changes.

The article goes on to mention several ways that it and other movies have impacted society so distinctly :
  • "Sex and the City" is poised to become the new Depression Era feel-good movie that makes cash registers ring in shopping malls"
  • "Fedora sales rise each time an "Indiana Jones" sequel is released"
  • "Undershirt sales declined after men noticed that actor Clark Gable didn't wear one"
  • " Look for Americans to embrace and buy merchandise related to pre-Sept. 11 nostalgia"
'oly crap. Pre Sept 11 nostalgia??? That's a bold statement and over sensationalised.
Laurie, Laurie... I know you wanted to finish the article with a bang, but come on! It's only a movie and I'm not sure I even know what that really means. Do people dance in streets? Or kiss random sailors? Should we maybe hold a SATC parade?... actually I don't think that would be a bad idea.

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