Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go read a good book because you're all boring

I don't know whether I'm slow on the uptake, but I picked up this book the other day.

A lovely little book about the shenanigans in BDAs. I'm about half way through and it's going good so far. The staff is totally obsessed with any gossip, any firings, hirings and possession of office furniture. People go around in circles to pass the time and it's making me reminisce about ad agency BS. I'm loving it.

It's good writing, none of that Peter Mayle crap- this guy has been nominated for some nice awards. A good read if you're looking for a book.

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m.m.mcdermott said...

sewn as i lern to reede gud ime gonna pic that buook up an rede it duz it haf pichures?