Monday, June 9, 2008

What the Creators of 'Sex and the City' Know About Marketing That You Don't

Viewpoint by Bonnie Fuller: Women Flocked to the Chick Flick Because They Relate to Characters That 'Could Be Me'
Lots has now been written about the tsunami of success that "Sex and the City" has had, with its blowout $55.7 million opening weekend -- the biggest box-office score for a chick flick. But what I think is really interesting is why women are dressing to the nines and flocking with droves of friends to see it and then whooping it up in the theaters.

Bonnie- You bitch! Could you have written "Warning: Spoiler"?? I haven't seen it yet!!
I'm waiting till all the hoopla dies down so I can see it by myself, with no annoying women dressed to the nines who are going to the most anti social activity of all- the movies! To see a bunch of more moronic women.

And what I know about marketing that you don't
It's B.S.
And the movie isn't really about marketing- it's about a show. A show that had great characters (even though a bit moronic), great writing, and like all shows, dropped off a little towards the end there.
What they did well here, was use that asset of love for the show, to cram in every marketing shtick they could think of. That's not good marketing, that's using their noggins to get as much dollar as possible pumped into the movie.

I wonder if we'll get to see the sequel when they're all grandmas?!

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