Monday, June 9, 2008

Nielsen: Death Of :30 Greatly Exaggerated

by Wayne Friedman: Reports of the death of the 30-second spot have been greatly exaggerated. Nielsen Co. says when viewers watch ads in prime time, the majority of messaging still comes in this tried-and-true package, accounting for 55% of all advertising units.

Nielsen: Bunch of morons
Just because advertisers are still buying commercials doesn't mean the :30 is dead. Just because they are still on TV doesn't mean they're dead either. And just because this country airs a ridiculous amount of advertising doesn't mean ad sales are at an all time high.

Analogy time: People can go out and buy the most ugly looking items of clothing because it's apparently a fad. But: if you ignore the fact that the item itself is ridiculous, or doesn't suit you, then you're going to have a bit of a problem.

The 30 second is dead because people, your audience, don't give a shit about it. People have changed so much so, that the impact of a 30 second is minimal. There are other ways to really shift and make a difference to people's lives, in accordance with their boredom of regular advertising. Think about surprising people by adding some unexpected value into their lives. Change how they perceive your brand by using your ad dollars into something more worthwhile. And for god sake, do not wear leggings and t-shirts. It looks fucking moronic.

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